Cha Chi Malone Is A Boston Terrier Celebrity

Cha Chi Malone Is A Boston Terrier Celebrity

Boston Terrier celebrity? It’s safe to say that has made more than a few dogs famous in our time but Cha Chi Malone did it without us. Of course, one look at this guy and it’s not hard to see how he got so famous. Cha Chi has the “it” factor that you would expect out of a Boston Terrier celebrity. We’ve received the following photo from his mom, Shelly, who gave us some incredible information about her little superstar. Attention readers, THIS is how you tell someone about your dog. Well done Shelly!

Shelly gave us an awesome description of her famous little guy, “This is our 8 year old male Cha Chi Malone. In case you can’t tell Cha Chi is quite the character. He is somewhat of a local Boston Terrier celebrity in our town and is known as a ladies man. Cha Chi’s favorite things are girls(human and k9), balls(the bigger the better), playing tug a war with his sister, sticks, and sleeping standing up. If you can’t find him chasing the neighbor’s dog, he is sipping margaritas with his ladies.” Seriously, look at the face in the photo below and tell us that he doesn’t have “it.” Note to Shelly, we want to hear all about Cha Chi’s sibling also pictured in this photo, email us!

So there you have it. This isn’t just an overnight sensation getting his quick fifteen minutes of fame. Cha Chi has worked for eight hard years to get the recognition he deserved. Enjoy those margaritas, Cha Chi! Just do us a favor and don’t drive after you drink.

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Just so our readers are aware, we do not condone giving your Boston Terrier alcohol. Even if they are an awesome Boston Terrier celebrity! This post is intended to be good fun!

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  1. Thank you for posting this!!!! Cha Chi Malone is my nephew and he is seriously one of the coolest guys in town!! Love this lil fella! Congrats Cha Chi, love you buddy! (And his brother Frankie Beans and sissy Delilah are pretty amazing too!)


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