Delilah Followers Her Brother, Gets Featured On

Delilah Followers Her Brother, Gets Featured On

It’s no secret that it’s a big deal getting featured on We love Boston Terriers and more importantly, we love showing off how amazing they are. A few weeks ago we featured Cha Chi, a margarita-drinking celebrity Boston Terrier. He was so excited to be featured on that he sent his sister over to be featured. Delilah embodies the fighting spirit that make Boston Terriers unique. Her story is every pet parent’s worst nightmare but we are positive she’ll fight through it and continue to live a long and happy life. Their mom, Shelly, gave us the scoop on Delilah.

“Thank you so much for the amazing page you put up of our little superstar. All his adoring fans loved it. As to your question about Cha Chi’s sister, her name is Delilah. My husband got her for me as a Valentine’s present 2 years ago. Delilah was an old soul even as a young puppy. She fell right into place in our pack, which at the time was a 20 pound gangsta cat named Ludacris, Cha Chi, and a mouthy 9 pound Chihuahua named Frankie Beans. Delilah quickly picked up the routine of the house and was the most well behaved and gentle puppy I have ever had the pleasure of being around. Potty training was a breeze. She quickly picked up on a number of tricks including her famous “Show me your boobies” trick. She loved every one and every thing she meet.Her role in the house was that of the little mommy as she would go around and clean everybody’s ears and eyes out . Including a kitten we got for our daughter named Snickers. This past Christmas my brother got a dachshund puppy named Buster. Delilah fell in love at first sight. Due to my brother’s nursing school schedule, we started keeping Buster during the day. Delilah loved this. They would play and play and play. Everyday Delilah would hold him down and give his ears a proper licking, like clockwork.

Delilah was always in perfect physical health and was very active. She loved to swim, play in the hose, and play ball and tug of war with her brother and pit bull cousin. One normal day this all changed, as Delilah was playing with her dachshund cousin she fell over howling in pain. She couldn’t stand up or move she just flopped like a fish out of water. I immediately rushed her to our local vet. He decided she had strained her back playing. I was given several different medicines to give her for pain and inflammation. About 5 hours after starting the medicines she had a seizure and then another and another as we rushed her back to the vet. The vet was at a loss because the seizure meds where not helping her. She did eventually come out of the seizure but she was completely lame and yelling in pain. Our vet was at a total loss as what was happening to our little angel, so he referred us to the University Of Illinois Veterinary Hospital, which was about 3 hours drive away from us.

The appointment was set for the next morning. It was a very long night, Delilah was in horrible pain and even bit my husband. She couldn’t walk and if you stood her up her back legs would cross and she would fall down. At this time I had very little hope for my little girl. It was so hard to grasp how a healthy 2 year old goes from playing to this in 2 days. As we walked in the animal hospital Delilah just started crying out as if saying “Somebody Help Me!!!! Delilah was seen by numerous doctors, neurologists and students and after several tests it was decided Delilah had a rare form of auto immune spinal meningitis that has been seen frequently in Boston Terriers. She was started on 3 different antibiotics, steroids, pain relievers, seizure meds, and nerve pills. She slowly gained the ability to walk again and has improved greatly. It has now been almost 4 months since she got sick and she is still on steroids. She is hugely bloated and is up to 34 pounds after starting this ordeal off at 21 pounds. She is somewhat food aggressive now and her bubbly personality has yet to return. She mainly lays around and sleeps now, but she isn’t in any pain. However, she does has moments when she plays outside and she looks just like her old self. She is still very sweet and loves to snuggle but is far from herself pre- sickness.

Delilah’s next hurdle is coming off the steroids without relapsing. We hope and pray that her change in personality is just due to the medicine. Either way she will still be our little angel. Every time she kisses me I know we did the right thing fighting for her. I would like other’s to be aware of this disease. Not even our vet knew what this was but luckily we were sent to the UofI and found amazing doctors. It has taken a team of doctors to save Delilah and she is known as a miracle at the hospital. But hopefully this is far from the end of Delilah’s story. We still have plans on her getting back to herself and finally catching that frisbee we had been practicing when she got sick.

Attached are several photos of Delilah doing her favorite things with her favorite friends. The last picture is a recent one and she is all bloated from the medicine. Thanks again for your page on Cha Chi, he pranced around all day after seeing his picture on your website!!!!”

Our thoughts are with Delilah and her family. We want updates on your crazy kids, Shelly!


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