Delilah The Boston Terrier Lost Her Battle With Spinal Meningitis

Delilah The Boston Terrier Lost Her Battle With Spinal Meningitis

It’s with a very heave heart that we write this post, we hate to have to tell you that Delilah the Boston Terrier has passed away. For those not familiar, we featured Delilah on the site a few weeks ago, you can see the post here (it includes tons of photo os her): 

To summarize, here’s a piece of what her mom, Shelly, told us about the diagnosis: “Delilah was in horrible pain and even bit my husband. She couldn’t walk and if you stood her up her back legs would cross and she would fall down. At this time I had very little hope for my little girl. It was so hard to grasp how a healthy 2 year old goes from playing to this in 2 days. As we walked in the animal hospital Delilah just started crying out as if saying “Somebody Help Me!!!! Delilah was seen by numerous doctors, neurologists and students and after several tests it was decided Delilah had a rare form of auto immune spinal meningitis that has been seen frequently in Boston Terriers.” The rest can be read in the above link.

There was such an outpouring of support on and our Facebook and Twitter page pulling for Delilah but the sweet girl didn’t make it. It’s with tears in my eyes that I share Shell’y email to us about Delilah’s tragic death. “On Sunday 8/11 our Delilah lost her battle to spinal meningitis. She really began to struggle and started having seizures so we made the hard decision to let her go peacefully. She was our little angel and a valued member of our pack. She was the little mommy and official ear cleaner of the house. She lived a full life in the short 2 years we had her but her soul was tired and it was time to let go. She fought this horrible disease for a long four months and it had taken its toll. She will be dearly missed by all. As you can see in the picture both of her brothers are very sad.”

Shelly, if you need anything, we’re here for you. If you have any messages or consoling thoughts for Shelly, please leave in the comments section. Thank you.

respect for our fallen sissy