Lucy The Boston Terrier Floats In The Pool

Lucy The Boston Terrier Floats In The Pool

As summer slowly winds down, Lucy the Boston Terrier floats along and remembers all of the fun she had this summer. She is obviously a lucky little lady to have a pool and floatation device of her own to relax on. She loves to float, in fact, she will make you help her float if she doesn’t get what she wants. It doesn’t get much more “Boston Terrier” than that! These photos come to us courtesy of the Morris Family who are very in love with their sweet little girl. Let’s find out what happens when this Boston Terrier floats around:

“This picture is of Lucy, our 6 year old Boston. She came into our family 4 years ago after we rescued her from Richmond Virginia. She is a sassy diva! Lucy along with her Boston sister Rosie are the only girls in our family. They both have my 4 boys wrapped around their paws. Lucy loves to float! She will bark at the edge of the pool at the float until someone puts her on.”

Happy floating, Lucy! It is so nice to meet you!

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