Meet Duncan The Dapper Boston Terrier

Meet Duncan The Dapper Boston Terrier

We love a fashionable and dapper Boston Terrier here at Duncan fits in incredibly well here and will be a great new addition to our dapper Boston Terrier slideshow. We wish our little guy would wear a bow tie but he is not a big fan of things around his neck. Duncan, however, knows exactly how to pull off the stylish bow tie life. Duncan’s mom, Beth, sent us these awesome photos and told us all about her dapper Boston Terrier.

“Duncan is almost 2 years old and he lives with me, his mom Beth, and his older sister, Roxy, an Italian Greyhound mix.  We are one big happy family living outside of Atlanta, Georgia  In addition to Duncan having an absurdly long tail, he loves wearing bowties, as shown below! I think that most BT parents will agree that our bostons are dapper dogs, especially with the bowtie accessory!

Additionally, a bowtied picture of Duncan inspired the artwork for RESQTHREADS newest shirt to raise money for Boston Terrier Rescues.  People can buy the shirt online at and designate it to the Boston Terrier Rescue of Canada, or if there are any BT rescues that are interested in fundraising by selling this T-shirt, they can do so with a RESQBOX! (signing up to get a RESQBOX can be found at”
Did you hear that? Duncan is so cool that he inspired a t-shirt! Be sure to go check it out and help support a Boston Terrier rescue.
If you love dressed up Boston Terriers you will love our slideshow featuring the best dressed ones around:
boston terrier in bow tie
boston terrier
dapper boston terrier


  1. Look like my pebble’s

  2. I also have a BT with long Tail, love Duncan!!

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