Warning: Do NOT Feed Your Dogs Chinese Jerky Treats

Warning: Do NOT Feed Your Dogs Chinese Jerky Treats

In January of this year, we warned you about the potential risks of feeding your dogs Chinese jerky treats. The FDA released a report yesterday that has backed up those claims. The following information comes directly from TIME, who got the information from the FDA: “Federal animal health officials announced Tuesday that Chinese jerky treats have caused a mysterious illness outbreak in more than 3,600 dogs (and ten cats) and the death of about 600 pets.

About 500 dogs and nine cats died from the Chinese treats as of January.

But in spite of running more than 1,000 tests and visiting multiple manufacturers, the FDA still isn’t sure what it is in the chicken, duck, and sweet potato jerky that is making the animals sick. “To date, testing for contaminants in jerky treats has not revealed a cause for the illnesses,” said deputy director for the FDA’s Center for Veterinary Medicine Martine Hartogensis.

Nestle Purina PetCare Co. and Milo’s Kitchen withdrew some of its popular dog treats in January after New York state agricultural official found potential antibiotics contamination. Maybe stick to making your own dog treats for now.”

If you have treats in your house, please be sure to check if they are made in China and throw them away. Please help us spread the word on keeping our beloved pets away from Chinese jerky treats.