Meet Oliver, A Rare And Majestic Long-Haired Boston Terrier

Meet Oliver, A Rare And Majestic Long-Haired Boston Terrier

Two years ago, we posted photos of a long-haired Boston Terrier named Lucy and it was one of the most popular photos, ever. We are now ready and excited to introduce you to another one! Say hello to Oliver, a 15-month old from Port Orchard, Washington! This little guy is absolutely beautiful and we are so excited to share some information and photos of him. His mom, Sylvia, told us all about him.

“My husband and I were looking for another Boston to keep our older dog company. We had fallen in love with the Boston personality and knew we wanted another one. After a few weeks of looking, we happened upon an ad for a litter of purebred Bostons out in Idaho. There were 2 left, one of which was a long haired silky puppy. He was so adorable that we drove out to Idaho from Seattle the next day. His parents were both short haired classic looking Bostons. He was the only one with long hair, which made him even more cute. We took him home immediately and named him Oliver. After doing some research, I couldn’t find too much about long haired Bostons. But on this site, there is another dog named Lucy Lou that looks almost identical. We are so lucky to have such a rare dog as part of our family. And he has more personality that we had ever imagined. He howls at the “Meow Mix” commercial and catches frisbees out of the air (he can jump incredibly high). I have attached some photos to share with others and raise awareness for these rare long haired Bostons!”

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