Boston Blackie, A Long-Haired, Long-Tailed Boston Terrier

Boston Blackie, A Long-Haired, Long-Tailed Boston Terrier

Well, we’ve seen some long-haired Boston Terriers in the past and they seemed to be big hits on the site. However, this is now our first long-haired and long-tailed Boston Terrier to be featured on! His dad, Joe, emailed us a ton of photos and told us all about his unique little boy.

“This is Boston Blackie, named after the 1950’s T.V. Show of the same name. He is today 13 months old. When I got him his mother and father were short haired and short tailed. When I pick him he and his brothers and sisters looked all the same except he had a long tail with a white tip; fell in love with him. I got him at eight weeks and was a normal puppy, getting use to my apt, being nosey and growing well. By 3 months he wasn’t puppy fuzzy but fur was growing longer than I imaged. At the Vets the girls all love him and his fuzzy face; when the vet saw him she thought he may be a long haired BT. Checking the Web ,sure enough there were others, so it happens a gene or actually two popped out. Asking the Breeder they said no other had that trait; so Here is Boston Blackie a long haired ,long tail Boston Terrier who likes in Gloucester, Ma. and loves people and other dogs, birds,and cats too, but when he saw a squirrel come down a telephone pole dragged me chasing it. He loves walks and The boulevard is his kingdom ,beaches grass, lamp poles and gardens by the sea with bench to rest out of the sun.”

Check out these photos below and be prepared to fall in love with this little guy!

blackie 2

blackie 7 blackie 3 blackie 4

blackie 5

blackie 1

blackie 6