Meet Meko, A Sorta Long-Haired Boston Terrier

Meet Meko, A Sorta Long-Haired Boston Terrier

Here at, we sure do love to see some of the rare and elusive long-haired Boston Terriers! The few times we’ve posted some of these beautiful dogs on the site, it always gets such a reaction. Earlier this year, we met Blackie, a long-haired Boston Terrier that everyone fell in love with. Now, we meet Meko.

Meko just celebrated his 5th birthday on July 14th 2014.  I purchased him as a young one from a gentlemen in Iowa who said he was different well he is that’s for sure. We now reside In Arizona  He loves to play in the water and play with his personal kitty cat. He enjoys being a spaz and getting love from anyone and everyone who will give it to him. This is his glamour shot and his fuzzy moment before his hair cut. He is one of those elusive fuzzy Boston’s. He is my rock, My boy, My best friend he goes everywhere with me. Just  thought I would share my long haired buddies story.”

How beautiful is this boy?!

meko long hair