We Are Accepting Submissions For Our Halloween Costume Contest

We Are Accepting Submissions For Our Halloween Costume Contest

Every year, our Halloween costume contest is always one of the best things we do! The creativity continues to blow us away and we expect this year to be our best ever. We’ll make this as simple as possible because rules are boring and we really just want to see the photos! Do you need some inspiration from last year’s amazing contest? You can see all of last year’s amazing entries here: http://ibostonterrier.com/2013/10/2013-boston-terrier-halloween-costume-contest/

How to enter: We are going to make this as simple as possible for voting purposes. Please email us a photo of your dog in his/her Halloween costume to share@ibostonterrier.com with the subject line “Halloween Contest.”

Please follow these rules:

  • Submit just one photo per dog for the contest.
  • The only information needed in your email is the dog’s name and what they are dressed as, that’s it!
  • Make sure the image is high enough quality to upload on to the site.


Voting will take place on iBostonTerrier.com. We’ll be adding a poll to tally votes when the voting officially starts!


You can enter photos to the contest between this very moment and October 30th, 2014. No additional photos will be accepted after midnight on the 30th, no matter what. The voting will take place from October 31th, 2013 – November 2nd, 2014.


There will be two winners, one who gets the most votes and one chosen by the iBostonTerrier.com team and some friends and family. There are two prize packs and the winner with the most votes picks their choice!

If you have any questions, please email me directly at Adam@iBostonTerrier.com.

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