Welcome To Our Boston Terrier Halloween Costume Contest 2015!

Welcome To Our Boston Terrier Halloween Costume Contest 2015!

The Boston Terrier Halloween Contest is always our favorite time of the year and we’re so excited to see all of your amazing photos this year! Last year’s photos were so creative and over-the-top, they absolutely blew us away (click here to see them) and we expect even better costumes this year. We can’t expect better Boston Terrier Halloween photos and not give out better prizes, right?! Of course not! So, we brought in the big guns (ourselves) to get some awesome prizes for the contest, and we think you’ll be excited to win them. Now, some information on our sponsor:

Greenbaum Digital Horz Logo RGB

The owner of iBostonTerrier.com started his own advertising agency this year and the company is sponsoring this year’s contest! More importantly, they’re providing the awesome prizes! Even cooler? The agency is offering free marketing consultations to small business owners and startups! Interested? Here’s how to reach them: www.greenbaumdigital.com/hello/

We’re still working on voting structure, which prizes go to which winner, and all of the other fun details. However, we want you to start submitting your photos! Here’s the deal:

  1. Only one photo per dog may be submitted. You can submit one photo with multiple dogs.
  2. Email your photo to woof@iBostonTerrier.com with the subject line “Halloween Contest” – be sure to include only your dog’s name and what they are for Halloween.