Bogart The Boston Terrier And His Dad Spread Kindness

Bogart The Boston Terrier And His Dad Spread Kindness

We love stories that include strong bonds between Boston Terriers and their parents! Bogart the Boston Terrier and his dad are doing some amazing things in the community and we’d love to tell you all about it. The following story comes to us from

CHAGRIN FALLS — Nine years ago, while at home in Chagrin Falls, news of the Virginia Tech shooting was announced on TV. I went to the Virginia Tech campus three days after the shooting and was there for four days. I was so profoundly touched that I decided to do something about it.
My thought was having kindness as a goal in one’s life, specifically, an individual goal of one million acts of kindness and spreading this message to students across the country.
So I bought a 1990 school bus and of course found the most amazing dog to travel with me. My 8-year-old Boston terrier, Bogart and I have been traveling the United States for the past seven years in the Kindness Bus doing kindness programs for children of all ages. We visit schools, churches, organizations and businesses and just about anyone and everyone who we meet along our travels.

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Children in school really connect with Bogart because for the first year and a half of his life he had three previous owners. Many kids these days are bounced around a lot and in hearing how challenging Bogart’s early years were and seeing how much he is loved now, lends a level of comfort to them.

Bogart has made friends across the country and of course, people always are asking me about him. Bogart even has a book series and his second book is being printed.
Bogart and I typically return to Northeast Ohio every May and are here for several weeks. We are in parades and festivals; we also visit a few schools while we are here. It allows us to catch up with family and friends, as well.
Next year we are going to travel the perimeter of the United States beginning in March 2017. If you have a chance please take a look at our website
Bob Votruba and of course, Bogart too!

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