Help A Women Get Her Stolen Boston Terriers Back

Help A Women Get Her Stolen Boston Terriers Back

Every time I read one of these stories, I’m reminded of why I never take my eyes off of Sophie and Baxter in public. As someone that has had a Boston Terrier stolen from me before, these stories never get easier to read. If you can help this woman in any way at all, please do so. We’re here to help as well.

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) A California woman is desperate to get her two Boston Terriers back, after they were dog-napped from an Albuquerque motel Wednesday morning.

Susan Krouse says she was loading up her car in the Motel 6 parking lot, near Tramway and Central, around 7 a.m. She had put several of her dogs inside it and went back to the room to grab a few more things. When she returned, two of her dogs were gone.

“It’s just a shame people do these things. They’re gonna go sell them in a flea market, they’re not gonna get anything for them,” said Krouse.

Krouse was in town for a dog show at Expo New Mexico and was getting ready to check out of the motel when the dogs were taken. They are both 9-year-old Boston Terriers, named Sara and Mona. They’re both retired show dogs and Krouse is especially worried about them, because she says they need regular medicine. She says Sara is suffering from a severe eye injury and needs drops or she will lose that eye and that Mona has food allergies.

Krouse said, “It’s just the sad world we live in, I guess. In all the years I’ve been showing dogs, 30 years, traveling, I travel a lot, I’ve never ever heard of a dog being stolen in a dog crate out of a car.”

Since the theft a missing poster about the dogs has been shared thousands of times on Facebook. A manager at the Motel 6 says the theft was caught on their surveillance system and it provided clear pictures of the suspects. She says that video was given to the Albuquerque Police Department but they have not released it.

Krouse says she is willing to offer a reward to anyone that helps her get the dogs back.

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