We’ve Partnered With WhiskerCloud To Give You Cash

We’ve Partnered With WhiskerCloud To Give You Cash

From time to time, we get to offer cool things to the iBostonTerrier community and for once, it’s cash! Seriously, let us explain.

WhiskerCloud is a new software platform for veterinarians – custom built websites, cloud hosting, built-in analytics and SEO, and a tech team to manage the vets beautiful new site. All for one low monthly cost.¬†Basically, they’re here to completely modernize the veterinary industry and their product is unbelievable!

How do you fit into this? Simple! You’re able to give your vet a $100 discount on their custom-built website AND you’ll get $200 cash if they sign up! Tell your vet – make sure to have them mention the code iBostonTerrier and your name when they sign up, the WhiskerCloud team will give you $200 cash.


We all love our vets and I think we can all agree that we want help them grow their business, WhiskerCloud is here to do just that.

If you have any questions at all, please let us know! Thanks for participating in this fun promotion with us!

Learn more about WhiskerCloud’s features by clicking here.