Billie The Boston Terrier Completed His Family

Billie The Boston Terrier Completed His Family

If you ask us, a family is not a family without a Boston Terrier. By the sound of it, Billie made his family complete. This story comes from Sofie and Tim, Billie’s parents.

We’re a family of four and situated in Belgium.  

Time had come that the kids started talking about owning a pet.

So we searched the internet looking for a family dog.

And there it was! The Boston Terrier

We fell in love, this was the kind of dog we wanted to welcome into our home and lives.

“You don’t see them much here in Belgium but after a few months waiting and searching there he was ….Our Billie…The sweetest boy of the litter. The first time we went to visit it was clear: This was the one!

And we don’t understand why they aren’t more popular over here. He’s just perfect: loving for our kids, energetic but not nervous. He’s just a very sweet boy, a true American gentleman.

He loves to linger in the sun, sleep on our laps. And when it doesn’t rain you will find him playing soccer or running after his frisbee. And above all: we love him to pieces.”

billie boston terrier


  1. beyond precious ! Love the expressive ears .

  2. Just keep spreading the word my Bostonian loving Belgium friend!! BT’s are the best; full of life, personality, and unconditional affection!!

    BT blessings from a mama of 3 BT’s,

    Windi and her Strider, Paxton, and Scarlett, the Red BT

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