Boston Terrier Attack A Roomba Together

Boston Terrier Attack A Roomba Together

Sometimes, Boston Terriers must band together to save the world from evil vacuum cleaners. More importantly, we must be extra cautious about those Roomba vacuums that just float around and do their own thing. Luckily, Mr. Blue and Buster teamed up to keep us safe! So happy to have these goobers back on the site!

“Hello again from Asheville, NC. We’ve sent you a video before of Buster trying to attack our vacuum. This time, Buster, 4 years old,  proves he is still not a fan of the vacuum as he tries to attack our new Roomba. His brother, Mr. Blue, now 6 years old, is also in on the action the time as you will see.”

Prepare to smile.

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  1. Watching this I’m thankful that the Force is strong with all Bostons and they know to attack the dark side!!

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