We Want Your Boston Terrier Nature Photos

We Want Your Boston Terrier Nature Photos

We live here in Denver, Colorado and Sophie and Baxter are lucky enough to get to enjoy nature more often than most dogs. We live just minutes from a huge river and waterfall that the dogs get to play in daily. We go on hikes, meet animals, and get to sniff everything these dogs could ever imagine! We want to see your dogs in action too!

Does your Boston Terrier love nature? Prove it! Email the photos to woof@iBostonTerrier.com with the subject line “nature photos” and we’ll add it to the slideshow!

We are just so excited to see your photos. To get you ready, here are some photos of Sophie and Baxter enjoying some of their favorite spots by our house.




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  1. they like dunking just as much as mine does!

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