9 Ways You Can Tell You Have A Boston Terrier

9 Ways You Can Tell You Have A Boston Terrier

You are going to love this post because it could not be more true! When speaking at the BlogPaws conference last month, I met Bryn of A Dog Walks Into A Bar and we hit it off! Not just because we both have one black and one red Boston Terrier. She wrote this amazing guest post for us and we know you’ll all love it. This may be the most relatable thing you’ll see all week. Be sure to go follow her on Facebook and Twitter for a good laugh, especially if you like dogs and booze!

1. FARTS!! Good lord. All.The.Farts! They happen as your pup is lovingly laying you your lap. They happen under the covers. The happen when the dog is looking out the window and aiming their bum straight at your nasal cavity and make your eyes water!


2. The Snorts! Those smooshy-in noses are good for making some noises that really don’t seem like they should be real!


3. The seemingly boundless energy, until they crash and snuggle. They hop from couch to couch, like the “floor is lava game,” they prance across the floor, they energetically bring their toy back to you over and over and over. Two seconds later, they are PASSED OUT! Snuggled, and blissfully snoring and farting at the same time.

4. They don’t realize they’re small! So they’re at the dog park, picking play fights with the big guys, chasing and barking without any fear.

5. Like pringles, you can’t just have one. You fall in love with the comedy routine in your home, and poof all of a sudden there’s another one in your kitchen chasing flies, and drooling at nothing. There’s more mess, and ruckus, but you love it!


6. You buy and receive, all things BT. Christmas and birthdays are excuses to purchase a purse with a Boston, new cell phone case, oh and some socks for good measure. Magnets? Check. Bumper stickers? Check. Calendars? Check. Clothing? Of course!

7. You can’t stop laughing. They really are comedians! Slap-stick comedians, to be exact. They run into walls. They jump in the air with reckless disregard for gravity. They wiggle their butts when they see you at the door. Pure, comic, genius!


8. You now understand the true beauty of snuggling. If Boston Terriers earned an Olympic gold medal, it would most certainly be for snuggling (preferably under the covers).


9. You know the true meaning of love! Boston Terriers are buckets of love. They will love you to the moon and back, just for you being you.