Ella The Boston Terrier Is Traveling The World

Ella The Boston Terrier Is Traveling The World

We are so jealous, Ella the Boston Terrier travels more than the average human! The best part is that you can join in her adventures as well! Here’s the story, straight from her parents:

Hello, my name is Elizabeth and my boyfriend is Ryan; and our little wonder is Ella! She’s 8 years old, with the spirit of an 8 month old puppy. She’s a bit slow sometimes, but she’s our entire world. We’re currently driving cross country in our 1999 VW Jetta with Ella, exploring the states until we head towards Canada and eventually Europe.

We’re currently documenting Ella’s travels over at our Instagram, Facebook, and even our own website.


IG @vagabondsphoto

FB: https://m.facebook.com/vagabondsphoto

We’ve been on the road about a month now, and we’re pretty sure Ella loves it more than we do. Constantly meeting new people to love and pet her, and smelling all new smells. She saw the beach for the first time just 2 weeks ago. And it’s only the beginning of our journey. Europe here we come…





  1. What will you do about the quarantine laws in Europe? Some of the waits are 6 months before you can legally bring your doggie into the country.

  2. Sounds like a life that a lot of Boston’s would love to have. Travel with their skin parents! Watch out for those weird bugs! Looking like you’re lovin’ life Ella. Good for you! Your peeples are awesome too, for taking you along 🙂

  3. Happy pooch navigator and love bug. Boston’s love the road with mom and dad.

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