Lola The Boston Terrier Is So Fashionable

Lola The Boston Terrier Is So Fashionable

Our little guy Baxter wears hoodies every day so we can certainly respect a Boston Terrier that loves to rock a hoodie. Lola-Bree is so fashionable and she knows it, look at that huge smile!

Lola’s dad, Richard, sent us this photo of his little girl and told us a little bit about her. “This is Lola, short for Lola-Bree our 2 1/2 yr old Boston Terrier girl. She loves to play, doesn’t bark and is exceptional at stealing socks. Lola is a service dog and has a beautiful, happy, love to please and make you laugh attitude.”

We love that smile!

Boston Terrier Smile

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  1. beautiful…where is lola located? is she ready for adoption?

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