Rest In Peace, Phee The Amazing Boston Terrier

Rest In Peace, Phee The Amazing Boston Terrier

Hey everyone, Adam from iBostonTerrier here. Well, every post is by me but today I wanted to speak from the heart about a dog that lost his life today. I’ve been running since 2011 and it means the world to me – the good that we’ve been able to do as a community of Boston Terrier lovers has been so amazing over the last five years. There have been a so many amazing stories that have really touched me personally since launching this website and Phee the Boston Terrier was at the top of the list. I spoke at a conference last month and shared Phee’s story with everyone, explaining why this dog, in particular, has kept me going with iBostonTerrier and the fight against animal abuse.

Boston Terriers are fighters, but this guy…he was on a level of his own. This dog showed us exactly why it’s important to support Boston Terrier rescues and the importance of bringing awareness to animal abuse.

I remember the day I got the email about Phee. I took one look at the photos attached and felt my blood instantly boil. SNORT Rescue group reached out to us about Phee and showed us the amazing transformation he had made in their care.

What an amazing transformation! It was a miracle that Phee ended up with the absolute right people in life because he would have never had a chance had he not found his way to SNORT and eventually Angel. Angel Carlson is an amazing woman and person – the things she did for Phee were above and beyond the call of duty for anyone but that never mattered to her.

On March 7, 2013 – she published an article titled “A Promise to my Foster Dog” that will absolutely make you cry so be ready for that. You can read it by clicking here. It was clear that in a world with over 7 billion people, Phee found the only one on the planet he needed to find.

Phee would go on to develop diabetic cataracts and eventually get surgery for it thanks to kind donors sending in money to help him out. Sadly, he would eventually lose that eye. Phee was loving life with his new family as they searched for the perfect forever home for him. He was their third Boston Terrier and seemed to round everything out nicely.


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I spoke to Angel often as she told me things like “it’s going to be so hard to say goodbye to this guy” as she was searching for the right home for him. Fast forward to June 2, 2013. I was sitting in the O’Hare Airport in Chicago, waiting out a four-hour delay to get home after one of the worst trips of my life. I was sitting in the eating area of the airport and saw an email come in from Angel. When I realized that it was her announcement that she was keeping Phee, I had tears streaming down my face. In the middle of the airport, I watched her video over and over again, so thankful that she and Phee found each other.

The last three years have been filled with so much love for Phee as he’s battled diabetes, cancer, EPI, KCS, and glaucoma. Angel and her family took in a dog that has thousands and thousands of dollars in medical care but it never mattered because of how much they loved him.

Today, I am so sad to report that Phee finally gave in to the illnesses he’s been fighting. I am heartbroken for Angel. That dog went through so much hell in his life but his years with Angel and her family were such a blessing.

As Angel posted one final photo of him on Facebook today, it read, “He smiled until the end. He was a good boy, but his body was so tired. He was my best friend.”


Goodbye Phee. Rest in peace. You inspired every single one of us.

If you want to leave kind words for Phee and his family, his Facebook page can be found by clicking here.