Boston Terrier Featured In New Trapper Schoepp Music Video

Boston Terrier Featured In New Trapper Schoepp Music Video

We love when Boston Terriers go mainstream, and we love it, even more, when they’re involved with artistic projects! Ollie the Boston Terrier did a fantastic job in this music video, and we’d like to know what you think of it! Thanks to Joel for sharing the video with us! “I wanted to give you a heads up that my Boston Terrier co-stars in a new music video with Hollywood legend, Richard Riehle (Free Willy, Office Space). Ollie would greatly appreciate if you shared it with fellow Boston Terrier enthusiasts!! Link and more info on the video below.”

What is the music video about? “The lease is up but two tenants remain. Stay or go? It’s decision day for Trapper, Ollie the Boston Terrier, and their housemate Richard Riehle. Watch them contemplate another year on the block and throw the porch party of the summer in this new music video for Settlin’ or Sleepin’ Around.”

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  1. Ollie was fabulous! Boston’s are taking over…

  2. OMG…I love it and my Boston Terrier Cooper does too.. I wish I could show you a picture of Cooper’s reaction on seeing this video. I will definitely share this on my Facebook Page and hope my friends comment also as a lot of them have Bostons. Thank you for the great video

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