Boston Terrier Rescue Canada’s Annual Holiday Giving Tree Is Here

Boston Terrier Rescue Canada’s Annual Holiday Giving Tree Is Here

It’s the holiday season, and an amazing organization needs our help. Boston Terrier Rescue Canada (BTRC) is a registered Canadian non-profit organization made up entirely of unpaid volunteers who are dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of Boston Terriers, and Boston Terrier mixes in Canada. Please consider donating to their cause this holiday season!

It’s that time of year! Boston Terrier Rescue Canada’s (BTRC) annual Holiday Giving Tree fundraiser has been launched and is now accepting donations. This FUNdraiser allows supporters to place an ornament(s) on BTRC’s virtual holiday tree in return for a set donation(s). The 2016 Holiday Giving Tree can be found on BTRC’s website at

To get started, and to open the instruction page, click on the “CLICK TO DECORATE!” banner located at the top left-hand side of the screen. Adornments range in price from $10 for a Golden Ball Ornament to $250 for a Nutcracker with plenty more priced in between, such as a Red Stuffed Stocking for $35 and a range of colorful Gift Boxes for $40 – $75. A $100 donation allows you to place our Little Green Elf under the tree. Donors are urged to leave a special message with their donation. These heartfelt messages – left in memory of a lost pet; to honour, a friend or to thank the rescue/volunteers – will appear under the tree in the “Donor’s Messages” section.

BTRC has recently taken in a few Boston Terriers who required expensive medical care, so we’re counting on the holiday tree to be a huge success to help offset the veterinary bills. For instance, Maggy (read her story here:, an eight-year-old Boston came to us in pain with two severe luxating patellas (dislocated kneecaps).  These surgeries alone cost approximately $5,000.  We also administer “The Ana-Maria Davies ‘Set for Life’ Memorial Program.” This program is a lifesaver for dogs who are considered non-adoptable due to advanced age or medical conditions. Even though others may have given up on them, our rescue made a promise to each ‘Set for Life’ rescue that they will be cared for and loved for the rest of their lives. Each dog in the ‘Set for Life’ program lives in a permanent foster home while our rescue provides financially for their ongoing care. More information on this outstanding program can be found here:

If anything, please help us spread the word about this fantastic cause. Thank you and Happy Holidays! 


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