Finland’s “First Dog” Is A Boston Terrier Named Lennu

Finland’s “First Dog” Is A Boston Terrier Named Lennu

Finally, a presidential couple that has a real dog as the “first dog!” Just in time for the holidays, Lennu has gone viral and we cannot stop watching this adorable video! 

“As gifts of produce were presented to the presidential couple, their Boston terrier seemed to be the most excited. The annual event spotlights produce from around Finland.” As gifts were being presented to the royal couple, the five-year-old was barely able to restrain himself as the fish and ham were brought in ceremoniously. He was less enthusiastic about a vegan chew bone included in the organic basket.

You can watch the entire video by clicking here.


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  1. What a handsome and regal Bostonian Prince Lennu is! I am concerned that at 5 years old he is still intact…not healthy for a such a precious baby!

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