Toki The Boston Terrier Has A Home Thanks To You

Toki The Boston Terrier Has A Home Thanks To You

When we post Boston Terriers that are in need of a loving home, we depend on good people to spread the word. Even if a dog is needing a home in San Diego, it takes people all around the world sharing their posts and getting eyes on their situation. One dog that we felt very strongly about, Toki, found a home thanks to so many people getting out there and spreading the word for him.

We worked very closely with the Oklahoma Boston Terrier Rescue when trying to find Toki a home, and we’re so excited that everything worked out so perfectly for him!

A huge thank you to Jen for giving Toki the life he deserves! “Just wanted to write and let you know that I adopted Toki (the one-eyed Boston from OK) that you featured on your FB page.  If it weren’t for your post, I’d have never known he needed a home. So keep up the great work!”

Thank you, Jen, thank you, everyone!