Happy Birthday Winston The Boston Terrier

Happy Birthday Winston The Boston Terrier

We wanted to take some time out of our day to wish Winston the Boston Terrier a very happy first birthday! We received a bunch of adorable photos from Winston’s mom, Cristen!

Enjoy the photos and join us in wishing Winton a Happy Birthday!

Winston is turning one year old this Friday, February 24th. We’ve had him since he was eight weeks old and in his first year, we learned a LOT about each other. Winston is ultra loving, devoted, loyal and playful. He will give anyone hugs and kisses. He loves making new friends and always has room to share his toys – he may try to get you to chase them for it, though;) we also found out this year that Winston has irritable bowel disease. We went through quite a bit to get this guy to a place where he can keep weight on and hold food down. We were particularly thankful for our first year knowing Winston and the joy he brings us. I’ve selected a few photos over the year of Winston that I thought represented some of his personality.


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