Root For Kevyn The Boston Terrier In The Westminster Dog Show

Root For Kevyn The Boston Terrier In The Westminster Dog Show

Today, we’re all fans of Kevyn the Boston Terrier! This story of our new hero comes to us from Bay News 9:

The 23-month-old’s show name is “Grand Champion Danicrest Bullet’s Lil’ Boy Who Caught My Eye @ Taylwagon.”

He also answers to “Kevyn.”

Kevyn ranks 11th in the country in non-sporting dogs, and is on his way to New York City for the Feb. 13th competition.

Dr. Jacqueline Royce, a surgeon by day, showed us some of the training it takes to get Kevyn reading for the show ring.

“They’re judging his structure, his skeleton, his head movement, his attitude, his movement in the ring when he runs up and back there’s a certain gait he has to have,” said Dr. Royce.

From physique to movement, Kevyn will have about two minutes to impress the judges in what is considered the “Olympics of Confirmation Competition.” Dr. Royce emphasized the importance of keeping Kevyn in tip-top shape — it helps that another of Kevyn’s “parents”, Dr. Mark Brown, is a veterinarian.

“My career is based on keeping dogs healthy,” said Brown. “With a show dog you actually just have to amplify everything, so he’s under a microscope.”

Kevyn is no newbie to competition or training. He earned his “Grand Champion” title — along with a few treats — with hard work.

“I just want him to enjoy himself so I’ll have little toys in there, little treats to keep him kinda busy and happy and animated,” said Dr. Royce.