Enter Your Photos Into Our 2013 Boston Terrier Halloween Photo Contest

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Finally! We hit 10,000 fans on our Facebook page! As a big thank you, we are giving away a ton of prizes for our costume photo contest this year. We have (2) For The Love Of Boston T-shirts, (1) Boston Terrier Bow Tie Mousepad, (2) 16 oz. bags of Zuke’s Minis, (2) I love my Boston Terrier magnets, and some more awesome surprise prizes! All you need to do is enter our contest. Voting will be held on our Facebook page to thank the 10,000 fans for supporting the site! How to enter: We are going to make this as simple as possible for voting purposes. Please email us a photo of your dog in his/her Halloween costume to share@ibostonterrier.com with the subject line “Halloween Contest.” Please follow these rules: Submit just one photo per dog for the contest....

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[Contest] Congrats To The Winners Of Our Funny Face Photo Contest

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We’ve been promising a big contest and we couldn’t have been happier with how this could have gone. We received hundreds of emails from people who did not have a dog in this contest and we hear you loud and clear. We learn from everything we do on this site and have some big things planned that will reward the biggest fans of the breed and iBostonTerrier.com. On to the funny face contest. We had 69 hilarious photos of the best of the best in Boston Terrier funny faces. We had said that we’d have two winners, one that had the most votes and one chosen by our team. We have our winners. We had two dogs with quite the amount of votes and we’ve decided to reward these two dogs and their parents. Without further adieu, your winners...

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[Update] Funny Face Photo Contest Starts Tomorrow

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Hello and sorry for the delay for our big contest. As we’ve stated, we received way more photos than we expected and wanted to make sure that: the voting process is easy and fair and that we can get some awesome prizes for our winners! We appreciate all of your patience and are looking forward to getting this party started. Be sure to remind your friends and family that we are about to get started. For those not familiar, see the original contest post...

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[Contest] Video Contest Out, Boston Terrier Photo Contest In

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I think it’s fair to say that our idea of a video contest bombed. We asked for submissions and only received two in a week. I don’t think that it is fair to those that sent videos or out community to participate so we have decided to launch a new contest that we think you’ll like more. Say hello to the first ever “Boston Terrier Funny Face Photo Contest!” Ok, we’ll find a shorter name. You want a photo contest, you’ve go it. Send in your best “funny face” photo of your dog(s) to be entered. Prizes and official contest details will be announced once we’ve received submissions. The more entries into the contest, the bigger and better the prizes! Remember, be creative. The winner won’t be the one taken with the best camera but the one that makes...

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[Contest] The First Ever iBostonTerrier.com Video Contest

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Hello everyone, it is finally contest time! We were trying to think of a new and creative contest and an idea popped into our heads. We’ve held contests on Facebook and Twitter but never our YouTube page! Yes, we have a YouTube page which you can view here:¬†http://www.youtube.com/user/ibostonterrier The rules to this will be very simple: 1. There can be one video per family featuring their Boston Terrier(s). 2. Because we are hosting it on our YouTube page, to enter, you must send the original video file so that we can upload it. If you have questions about this, please contact us and we can walk you through it. 3. To enter, send videos with descriptions of the dog(s) in the video, age, location and anything else you want included in your entry to share@iBostonTerrier.com. Also, be sure to...

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[Contest] Formal Announcement Of Our Halloween Photo Contest Winner

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What an amazing contest! We received a total of 44 entries into our 2012 Halloween Photo Contest but there can only be one winner. Based on your votes, this year’s winner is Benson! Benson was dressed as the cows from the Chik-fil-a ads and had our entire team cracking up. We knew he’d be in the final three the moment we saw it. Thanks again to all of you that sent in photos, I know our readers enjoyed seeing them all. More contest to...

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