Root For Kevyn The Boston Terrier In The Westminster Dog Show

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Today, we’re all fans of Kevyn the Boston Terrier! This story of our new hero comes to us from Bay News 9: The 23-month-old’s show name is “Grand Champion Danicrest Bullet’s Lil’ Boy Who Caught My Eye @ Taylwagon.” He also answers to “Kevyn.” Kevyn ranks 11th in the country in non-sporting dogs, and is on his way to New York City for the Feb. 13th competition. Dr. Jacqueline Royce, a surgeon by day, showed us some of the training it takes to get Kevyn reading for the show ring. “They’re judging his structure, his skeleton, his head movement, his attitude, his movement in the ring when he runs up and back there’s a certain gait he has to have,” said Dr. Royce. From physique to movement, Kevyn will have about two minutes to impress the judges in what...

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Finland’s “First Dog” Is A Boston Terrier Named Lennu

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Finally, a presidential couple that has a real dog as the “first dog!” Just in time for the holidays, Lennu has gone viral and we cannot stop watching this adorable video!  “As gifts of produce were presented to the presidential couple, their Boston terrier seemed to be the most excited. The annual event spotlights produce from around Finland.” As gifts were being presented to the royal couple, the five-year-old was barely able to restrain himself as the fish and ham were brought in ceremoniously. He was less enthusiastic about a vegan chew bone included in the organic basket. You can watch the entire video by clicking here....

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September 22nd Is #RememberTheRescue Day

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Whenever I speak publicly about iBostonTerrier, people ask how many dogs we’ve saved. It’s in the thousands by now and growing daily. However, it’s hard not to think about the dogs we couldn’t save, the dogs that are still out there living through hell, and the dogs we have yet to meet. As I was speaking at an event back in June, I met Christina from the Helen Woodward Animal Center in Rancho Santa Fe, California. After hearing about #RememberTheRescue day, I wanted iBostonTerrier to be a part of it. Most of you know, Baxter found his way into my life after going through not one but two awful situations. This little guy came to me at ten weeks old and he’ll be five in April, he almost never leaves my side. I love him more than words can ever describe. Even...

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Rest In Peace, Phee The Amazing Boston Terrier

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Hey everyone, Adam from iBostonTerrier here. Well, every post is by me but today I wanted to speak from the heart about a dog that lost his life today. I’ve been running since 2011 and it means the world to me – the good that we’ve been able to do as a community of Boston Terrier lovers has been so amazing over the last five years. There have been a so many amazing stories that have really touched me personally since launching this website and Phee the Boston Terrier was at the top of the list. I spoke at a conference last month and shared Phee’s story with everyone, explaining why this dog, in particular, has kept me going with iBostonTerrier and the fight against animal abuse. Boston Terriers are fighters, but this guy…he was on a level...

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Libre The Boston Terrier Puppy Is Going Home Soon

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Last week, we shared the incredibly sad story of Libre the Boston Terrier puppy. Today, we have some amazing news to share – it sounds like Libre is going home! Here is the entire story, direct from the York Dispatch: The bond between Libre — the emaciated, mange-ravaged Boston terrier puppy saved from an Amish dog breeder — and the rescuer who fought to give him a second chance is undeniable. “I just really connected with him. I don’t know why, because I’ve rescued so many dogs,” said Janine Guido, who founded and runs Speranza Animal Rescue in Mechanicsburg. “I get butterflies before I visit him. Something about Libre really captured my heart.” Libre’s reaction to seeing Guido during their daily visits leaves no doubt the feeling is mutual, according to Michelle Hall, a certified veterinary technician at Dillsburg Veterinary Center. The moment he sees Guido, Libre begins wagging his...

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Keep Your Thoughts With Libre The Boston Terrier

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Libre the Boston Terrier’s story is all over the internet and we were made aware of it yesterday. This sweet boy is just four months old and clinging to life, skin is a mess and full of maggots. After being rescued from a puppy mill, his veterinarian said his chances were slim to none but they kept fighting for this sweet boy’s life. Libre’s life stands for so much more than this moment, this is our fight against puppy mills and Libre is at the front of it. Please share his story and do what you can to get the word out on puppy mills. This is Libre’s story: Also, we’d like to give a special thank you to the team at Dillsburg Veterinary Center that has worked so diligently to get Libre back to health! They are sharing...

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