Boston Terrier Makes Top Dog Breed List

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Let me start by saying that our favorite breed was far too low on this list! The American Kennel Club released their top dog breeds of 2015 and the Boston Terrier comes in at 22! While we’re excited to make the list, this is crazy low for the best breed of dog in the world! Do you agree? Of course you do! The top three breeds (according to the AKC) were Labrador Retrievers, German Shepherds, and Golden Retrievers. We love all dogs, but we all know which dog breed it best! See the entire list by clicking...

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Become A Secret Santa For A Boston Terrier In Need

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We could not love what the Boston Terrier Rescue of Florida is doing even more if we tried. This amazing rescue group has dozens of Boston Terriers that need your help this holiday season and we want to make sure every single one of these amazing dogs gets to have a happy Christmas morning. So, the group is offering you a chance to become a Secret Santa! As a Secret Santa, you’ll be providing one of our pups with a gift package that includes a BTRFL harness, treats and a toy!  Any contributions remaining from your donation will go towards our pups in need of medical care and other related expenses. To become a Secret Santa, follow the link below and find a pup that you’d like to purchase a gift set for! Follow the checkout prompts to complete your...

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Blind Boston Terrier Stolen, Returned Home

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We were just made aware of the situation involving Dolly the Boston Terrier. Luckily, this story has a happy ending and a lesson for all of us. Here’s the original story, via The Dodo: “A father and daughter’s happy trip to an ice cream store turned devastating when they exited the building and discovered that Dolly, their blind dog, had been kidnapped from the spot outside where they had left her tied up for just a few minutes. Since the abduction last Wednesday, the family has taken to social media in attempt to bring Dolly home in Yorkshire, England.” Even more sad? The girl, Isla, sent Santa a letter to get her dog back. “Dear Santa, All I want for Christmas is my dog to come back. I do not care about presents, all I care about is my dog...

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Boston Terrier Returns Home Five Years After Being Stolen

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Can you imagine losing your Boston Terrier? was started because our Boston Terrier was stolen from us and we wanted to create a site that helped people in any situation with their Boston Terriers. We may not have gotten a happy ending with our dog but we are so happy this family did. We get this story directly from The Sun: Here’s a tale/tail with a storybook ending. And it’s all true. On Friday, a sweet Boston terrier named Chloe found her way back to her owner, an Alta Loma man who thought he would never see her again. Chloe had been stolen from Brian Hanna’s yard five years ago, and on Friday he got the surprise of his life. The Animal Care Wellness Center in San Bernardino called Hanna to tell him that Chloe had been turned...

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Help Support The Boston Terrier Rescue Canada

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The holidays are coming quickly and our friends at the Boston Terrier Rescue Canada need your help! This organization does so much good and this is a great chance to give back and also support the people that spend so much time saving Boston Terriers every year. Here’s some information for you: Just recently BTRC launched our 2016 charity calendar and we’re wondering if you could help us promote it. This year’s calendar has a fun “Boston Tea Party” theme and features Boston Terriers and BT mixes all dressed in their finery. The calendars can be ordered online. Ordering information, including for those residing outside of Canada, can be found here: For a sneak peek, check out this blog post by the photographer...

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A Big Announcement From iBostonTerrier

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Hello everyone! Every once in a while I make big announcements here on and I’m extra excited about today’s announcement (there are actually three things). 1. Some of you know me personally, others do not. I have a long history of running the marketing department for a number of large companies and have finally decided to do some consulting for small businesses (and large, too) and help them grow! launches TODAY! Why do you care? Because I’m offering up to $600 cash for referrals. Know someone that may or may not need my help? I’d love to chat with them! Seriously, I’m offering cash for referrals. Get the details here: 2. I’ve opened up advertising on More advertising means more giveaways, contests, and more money that we can donate to dogs in need! We recently ran a few...

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