Our Thoughts Are With You, Denise Richards

Posted by on Jun 26, 2016 in Photos | 4 comments

Years ago, Denise Richards helped grow iBostonTerrier by 10000x with one tweet. The best part about that moment? She was doing it to help a Boston Terrier puppy in need. Thanks to her helping us spread the word, thousands and now millions of other Boston Terrier and dog owners have come to iBostonTerrier.com to help us help animals in need. This past week, Denise had to say goodbye to her Boston Terrier, Nana. Our hearts broke when we saw her post and we just wanted to let her know, if she even gets the chance to read this, that are thoughts are with her during this tough time. Nana was a beautiful dog and we cannot imagine what Denise is going through right now. Just know that millions of Boston Terrier lovers around the world are thinking of you,...

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Rosco The Boston Terrier Was Rescued From A Bad Situation

Posted by on Jun 18, 2016 in Photos | 2 comments

It doesn’t matter how our Boston Terriers enter our lives, just that they’ve entered them at all. Sometimes, things are just meant to be. Rosco was in a bad situation but it looks like it all worked out for the sweet little boy. This is his story, straight from Melanie and Jamie: “We adopted Rosco from a family who couldn’t care for him. He had mange and was malnourished. But his personality never failed. He was fun-loving from the get-go. Rosco is almost 3 and is living in Long Island where we play fetch all day and go to the “big dog” park.” We love stories like this and we love it even more that Rosco found his forever...

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Meet Royce The Handsome Boston Terrier

Posted by on Jun 11, 2016 in Photos | 4 comments

Look at this happy-go-lucky, handsome boy! We got an email from his mom, Haidee, and we’re so excited to share his photo with you! Here’s what his mom told us: “His name is Royce, he’s 8 months old and he is so energetic. He loves morning walks and giving kisses to EVERYONE he knows and meets! Royce also loves to stay outside to either play or just sit on the grass like he is in this picture. Royce’s birthday is on July 8 so if you open this email by then could you give him a birthday wish ? Thank you so much for your time and letting us show off our little one” Here’s an early happy birthday from all of us at...

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Porter The Boston Terrier Loves Wineries and Dog Parks

Posted by on Jun 5, 2016 in Photos | 2 comments

Porter the Boston Terrier is quite the young gentleman. How do we know that? He loves wineries and wearing bow ties, and that sounds pretty fancy to us! His mom, Abigail, told us all about her little stud muffin. “Porter is a 3-year-old male. He lives in Breinigsville, PA with his mom and dad. He is the sweetest most playful pup! He loves playing fetch and frisbee for hours a day. Porter spends his weekends with neighborhood puppy friends . He loves peanut butter, cheese, and snoring. Porter’s activities include wineries, dog parks, and pet festivals. Porter vacations at Grandma and Grandpa’s house. He belongs to the Boston Terriers of Lehigh Valley group and they will all be in the Allentown St. Patricks Day...

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Ranger The Boston Terrier Is All Grown Up

Posted by on May 31, 2016 in Photos | 1 comment

Ranger the Boston Terrier has been featured on iBostonTerrier plenty of times but we haven’t seen him in about three years! He is back with a bang and looking incredibly handsome as he gets older. His mom Rebecca sent us some photos and an update on his life! “Ranger, aka Sassyface [featured on iBostonTerrier long ago], is back at it! He is three years old now. Ranger spent the weekend at his sister’s house and had lots of fun!” Glad to have you back,...

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Zoey The Boston Terrier Found The Perfect Home

Posted by on May 30, 2016 in Photos | 2 comments

These are the stories we love most and this is why iBostonTerrier is still going strong, five years after starting. We’re so happy you emailed us, Bety. “I‘m ashamed to say, it’s taken me two years to finally send you photos of my 3-year-old Boston Zoey.  It’s because of YOU that I was able to find and adopt Zoey.  I’d recently lost my older Boston Otis and I knew I needed another Boston in my life.  I looked for quite a while, but as soon as I saw her picture on your twitter site, I knew she was mine.  She went through a lot to get to me from Arkansas.  The van she was in turned over on the highway.  One puppy died and another escaped its broken crate and was never recovered.  It took three extra days for Zoey...

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