Feature Your Boston

Do you want your dog to star on iBostonTerrier.com? The process is quite simple to have us feature your Boston Terrier: all you have to do is email us at woof@iBostonTerrier.com with you dog’s name, age and location and a few sentences about your dog or the media file(s) that you are sending in. Please include any and all information you would want in your post – the more the better as we want to make sure that everyone knows how amazing your Boston Terrier is. You can send us anything: photos, videos, stories, news or dogs in need of help or adoption. Please do understand that we receive a very high volume of emails daily and post dogs in the order they are emailed to us with only urgent emails jumping the line.

Friendly reminder: Please be sure to include as much information that you can in your email, in cases that we don’t receive enough information, it will delay the time it takes to get your awesome Boston Terrier on the site! If the matter is urgent or time sensitive, please include the word “urgent” in your email! We will do our best to quickly address the post and get it on the site.

Once your dog is featured, we encourage you to email everyone that you’ve ever met to let them know what a superstar you have living with you. Don’t forget about us when you get famous!

LEGALESE: If you send us a media file, you consent to letting iBostonTerrier use and showcase it in any media avenue across our site and social networks! Of course, that means your dog becomes even more famous! Please only send media files that you are the original owner of. If you are sending something in that you do not own, please include the original owner so that we may give them proper credit.