Help Needed

Hello, everyone! Adam Greenbaum here. I founded in 2011 with a dream of helping dogs in need and making the world aware of how amazing this breed truly is. We succeeded. In 2016, we averaged a reach of over 2.5 million people per month on this website. We saved hundreds of dogs last year alone and thousands since 2011. There’s only one problem. Outside of help here and there over the years, I have run this website by myself. Some of you know me personally, and I’m sure most do not because I do not know over 2 million people. 

Last year, I launched a new tech company that has taken up a considerable amount of my time over the last year which has hurt It’s heartbreaking. So, I’m finally asking for help. 

I do not make money from iBostonTerrier and have dedicated my life to build a following so that we’re able to help dogs in need when they need it. 

So, we need people to help write on the website. New posts, outreach, work with rescues, and possibly more. This is not a paid thing, and it’s never been a paid thing for me. HOWEVER, if we are able to raise money on the website after we kick things up, I’m fine passing that along to those that help. 

So, if you have any experience with WordPress or social media and want to join, we’d love to have you! You can even promote your personal blog/website/brand as much as you’d like. I will teach you how the site works and get you up to speed.

Interested? Email the site’s main email at

Our Boston Terriers – Sophie and Baxter, thank you!